B230E valvetrain refresh

After 250 000 miles, I finally got around to renewing the valvetrain components of my Volvo 240. Springs and hushers being the main items to replace. I also adjusted the fuel distributor system pressure, control pressure, flow plate and CO mixture.

Cam out and new valve springs in

My new valve compressor tool

All back in!

Next up, tuning fual distributor system pressure

System pressure was only 4.6 (not shown in photo), so I carefully got the pressure regulator out and added shims to it. Quite a lot of shims was needed, I think the spring had gone weak.

After that, I centered the air flow sensor plate and checked the rest height. To be able to tighten the flow plate nut without it moving, fold over a piece of A4 paper and slot it down all round the plate. This has the right thickness to keep the plate centered.
Next, CO tuning. Incidentally, if you can’t find a photo of this either, this is what the bung down the CO adjuster screw tube looks like:
I screwed a little screw down the tube and pulled it out.

That’s it. Next, replacing the power steering pump…

Laying lower track

I’ve realised I probably did this in the wrong order as I have had to disconnect and flip up the upper station layer. Lower track is near down, and once the stattion is back down, I can fit the Woodland Scenics riser and track all the way round.

My CS3 is still off for repairs, but hopefully it will all be ready to run some trains when it comes back…

I have also secretly ordered McK’s new IC3 (litra MF) model to arrive next spring.

Re-generate Lightroom DNG files

I accidentally deleted the folder with the DNG files after importing files and editing them in Adobe Lightroom. Played around a bit and managed to re-generate them without losing my editing and tagging, using the following procedure:

1) Select all the raw photos for import (again)

2) Tick (if not already ticked) “Do not import suspected duplicates”

3) The dimmed thumbnails are the ones you want to import as those are the ones you imported last time

4) Un-tick all

5) Un-tick “Do not import suspected duplicates”

6) Tick the ones that were dimmed down

7) Un-tick “Add to collection”

8) Import

That re-generated the DNGs

I then generated a new web-catalogue and watched the file sizes as it built the files and the were all 30-40% bigger, so it definitely made a difference.

Mio incompetence, was Mio Cyclo bug

I have had my second Mio Cyclo 405 replaced now, Mio support claiming hardware fault, me doubting it. When my third Cclo 405 came arrived with the same fault, adding to that my old 315 having the same fault as well, I started poking around in the settings.

I eventually found under Settings -> System -> Alerts, if you scrolled down, a setting called “Auto Recording”. I have now tested this function and it is indeed the cause of my “problem”.

I have informed Mio support of their incompetence. It is one of the worst cases I have seen in a long time. Mio Support, their repair center and even their software engineers for the Cyclos, neither knew about this function! It is shocking.

Disable Auto Recording to control start point of recording with Start button on device

Bring in the experts

I was quite surprised to see Sir David Attenborough speaking to the Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee about “Climate Change” outlined in the link below, and even making a TV program about the “Climate Emergency”.

Surprised as Sir David Attenborough, as I am sure he is aware himself, is not a climate scientist. He is a nice and respected man, agreed, but he is actually being disrespectful himself by encroaching on fields of other scientists.

He is even advising the government on isssues of economy, as he is calling for a fee on airline tickets, a plan I believe most economists would disagree with.

Sir David Attenborough is a lovely person but from that to the government seriously budgeting one trillion pounds for lowering CO2 emissions is just frightening. How has it come to a point where people listen to whomever makes the most fuss over actual experts? Greta Thunberg being an even more scary example of this.

Mark Carney was asked if he was part of Project Fear when he was predicting issues surrounding his field of expertise after the Brexit vote, yet no-one is brave enough to call out
all the non-scientists spreading Project Fear when it comes to the “Climate Emergency” that only about 25% of relevant scientists agree with.

What we really have here is a Censorship Crisis, not a Climate Crisis. The IPCC is force-feeding everyone their biased theories because that is what they are paid to do, nothing more. The media no longer check facts but publishes what people want to hear, adding to the
chaos. The scientists actually working on the climate no longer has a voice because of people like Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg and the media bias.

And mathematitians and physicist are not climate scientists either but they are being asked to do modelling based on un-founded theories about CO2, without taking far more important factors or historical data in to account.

If the Climate Emergency is real, it is serious, but spending one trillion pounds on a duf
f theory is also serious. Why base it on hearsay from a nice old man and a school girl? Maybe it is time to bring in the experts?


Mio Cyclo bug continued

As the Mio support staff couldn’t see the fault on the two models they had tried in the office, I started off by sending my 405 in for repair as that was still under warranty. It has come back and I was told the main board had been replaced.

I have now had a test ride and can say that the fault is still there. I don’t there that there is much doubt that this is a world wide software fault in Mio’s devices as three out of three units have now been doing this.

I have emailed them this and am awaiting a response.

Mio Cyclo software bug

There is a bug in Mio’s Cyclo software which I have had a suspicion about for a while, but it became even more obvious after upgrading from the model 315 to a 405.

Both devices record tracks from when you turn them on (sometimes even before), and not from when you hit the record button. It’s obvious in mioshare, even Strava to some extent, and I have verified it with a GPX editor.

This is what a recording looks like in mioshare, even though I didn’t hit record until I was rolling down the main road. The GPS device was on for 10 minutes before starting, but it has recorded 47 minutes of nothing, then walking through the garden, and finally cycling.

This is what it looks like in my GPX editor. I have highlighted track 4, which a little while in contains the point where I actually hit record.

I have been speaking to Mio who has raised an RMA for me. They are saying no-one else has complained, so it is a fault with my device. We will see what happens.