N.S. Clarke dangerous lorry driver

I have to put this up, unfortunately, as N.S. Clarke Transport doesn’t care about their drivers endangering other motorists lives. Have a look at the footage below, bullying the little red car, then illegally moving in to the third lane to over-take:


Bullying and illegal, not much else to say.

One thought on “N.S. Clarke dangerous lorry driver

  1. Following advice, I have reported the dangerous N.S. Clarke Transport lorry driver to VOSA. I also interestingly found this:


    Asked about the driver who showed Mr Turner the V-sign, a spokesman for N S Clarke Transport said: “We are looking into it and will speak to the driver. The driver should not have done it and we have apologised to Mr Turner, who called us to complain.”

    I wonder if it’s the same driver as he also gave me the V-sign

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