Mio incompetence, was Mio Cyclo bug

I have had my second Mio Cyclo 405 replaced now, Mio support claiming hardware fault, me doubting it. When my third Cclo 405 came arrived with the same fault, adding to that my old 315 having the same fault as well, I started poking around in the settings.

I eventually found under Settings -> System -> Alerts, if you scrolled down, a setting called “Auto Recording”. I have now tested this function and it is indeed the cause of my “problem”.

I have informed Mio support of their incompetence. It is one of the worst cases I have seen in a long time. Mio Support, their repair center and even their software engineers for the Cyclos, neither knew about this function! It is shocking.

Disable Auto Recording to control start point of recording with Start button on device

One thought on “Mio incompetence, was Mio Cyclo bug

  1. Oh my goodness, the incompetence shows no end. Received the following reply when I emailed them what the actual solution was, and half asked for a postage refund as well, which I’m entitled to when posting back for a warranty repair:

    “Dear Mr Morsing,
    Thank you for letting us know that you have found the settings on the device, when auto recording is on, the device will start recording once motion has been detected. This includes walking around in the back yard. With this setting deactivated, you can now choose when the recording starts.

    Our repair center has not been able to detect technical issues on the Cyclo 405 as this was related to the settings rather than the actual hardware.

    You will likely be able to find some more interesting information about the device in the attached document.

    The issue that you referred to is actually a setting on the device rather than a technical defect and as such we are not able to issue refunds.

    We are very pleased with the fact that you have thoroughly tested the device and hope that the attached manual will provide a wealth of information for future queries.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    Kind regards,


    MiTAC Europe Customer Support Team”

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