Anthony Dunkley

Anthony Dunkley, aka Tony Zheng is a scammer / scam company. Don’t engage with them. is a very believable website, even has a certificate issued by Cloudflare, but Anthony Dunkley / Tony Zheng is just a scammer.

Don’t visit, it is very well done but don’t fall for it.

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Bring in the experts

I was quite surprised to see Sir David Attenborough speaking to the Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee about “Climate Change” outlined in the link below, and even making a TV program about the “Climate Emergency”.

Surprised as Sir David Attenborough, as I am sure he is aware himself, is not a climate scientist. He is a nice and respected man, agreed, but he is actually being disrespectful himself by encroaching on fields of other scientists.

He is even advising the government on isssues of economy, as he is calling for a fee on airline tickets, a plan I believe most economists would disagree with.

Sir David Attenborough is a lovely person but from that to the government seriously budgeting one trillion pounds for lowering CO2 emissions is just frightening. How has it come to a point where people listen to whomever makes the most fuss over actual experts? Greta Thunberg being an even more scary example of this.

Mark Carney was asked if he was part of Project Fear when he was predicting issues surrounding his field of expertise after the Brexit vote, yet no-one is brave enough to call out
all the non-scientists spreading Project Fear when it comes to the “Climate Emergency” that only about 25% of relevant scientists agree with.

What we really have here is a Censorship Crisis, not a Climate Crisis. The IPCC is force-feeding everyone their biased theories because that is what they are paid to do, nothing more. The media no longer check facts but publishes what people want to hear, adding to the
chaos. The scientists actually working on the climate no longer has a voice because of people like Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg and the media bias.

And mathematitians and physicist are not climate scientists either but they are being asked to do modelling based on un-founded theories about CO2, without taking far more important factors or historical data in to account.

If the Climate Emergency is real, it is serious, but spending one trillion pounds on a duf
f theory is also serious. Why base it on hearsay from a nice old man and a school girl? Maybe it is time to bring in the experts?

Grazie Mille, Gozo

Back from a week in Gozo – Had a nice time apart from eating at Grazie Mille in Gharb. My salmon was completely over-cooked and the food was plain and boring. And it was the most expensive restaurant we went to!

Sally’s “Chef’s Special” was pasta covered in tuna-infused oil, and so boring she left half of it…

Would only recommend people to stay away from Grazie Mille. I have emailed them but they haven’t been able to explain the food we had.

Before the builders

Lots have been happening, not many updates. I will put photos up of our new kicthen and the new floor.

I’ve been out a couple of times with the Aylesbury Cycling Club, and have got a few events coming up: 10 mile time trial, Marlow Red Kite Ride 50 miles and The Howler 50 miles.