Japan/Australia holiday 2001

NOTE: Copied straight from my 20 year old webpage, needs updating and links fixing.

Last summer I went on a vacation for four weeks. I started in France where I attended a wedding. A technical problem means that I don’t have that many pictures from there.
After a week in Grenoble I took the train to Lyon and from there the TGV to Paris where I spent two nights. One night more than I’d planned due to a cancelled flight.

I arrived safely at Narita airport in Japan though. I stayed with a friend in Kawasaki south west of Tokyo City. Here is a picture of my hosts .
The following day I went to the area around Shibuya. I spent the following two days in Tokyo and Yokohama. On Saturday we all went to a place in the mountains called Hakone (I think). It was about 100km west of the city.

Photos from Japan are now in one album.
Here is the weekend as seen by Jakob Trier Jakob through his digital camera.

Japan is a fascinating country but it had to end after only six days. I then went to Sydney with a stop in Fiji. I arrived at Sydney Airport where Krisztian met me. I spent five days in Sydney. The first few of the Sydney link photos are from Fiji.

Krisztian & Emese where my hosts during my stay in Sydney. On saturday we went to Blue Mountains west of Sydney

Sunday I left Sydney by car to go Melbourne via a town in the desert called Broken Hill. Here are pictures from Sydney to Melbourne

I arrived at Melbourne Thursday, the day after my birthday where a nice policeman gave me a fine for speeding.
I was only in Melbourne two days and didn’t do much really. On the flight home we stopped in Vienna where I spent a few hours

Pictures from my vacation taken with Laurent’s Canon G1 digital camera

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