Back to cycling…

My Mio Cyclo 200 is fantastic, and it does upload to Strava, despite some initial confusion. Also now got a Cateye Strada with HR and cadance. As per many reviews, the cadance is fiddle and I haven’t got it to work properly yet.

Still going out several times a week, and I have signed up for a 10 mile time trial on the 14th through the Aylesbury Cycling club.


Just testing embedded Strava:

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First ride on bike

Bike arrived:


Had a first ride on it. Excellent bike, especially for the money. Very light, lively and quiet. Rolls along very easily. Brakes are a bit of a let down but work (not from the Shimano 105 series).

Also fitted my Mio Cyclo 200 but not tried it yet. Had to buy some Shimano 105 pedals for the bike and some nice Italian shoes, called Physique but not spelt that way 🙂

Getting in to cycling again!

I used to cycle a lot. 20 years ago! Did road sportives and everything… Two weeks ago, with no prior training, I joined the Tour de Vale 60k ride. It was hard work but fantastic at the same time, and my time was appalling but not help by the fact I was on a mountain bike.

TourVale_2_2016 TourVale_1_2016

Bitten by the bug, I have now ordered a new Cannondale CAAD8 105 road bike in red! It is arriving tomorrow, very excited, and I will post up some photos.

I have also signed up for the Marlow Red Kite Ride for the 50 mile (80k) ride. They also do 80, 100 and 126 miles rides, but that won’t be this year!

Things arriving


Heads arrived, beatiful! Bench seat is in transit, black vinyl, and a full UMI suspension kit is being delivered tomorrow! Awesome 🙂

Have not done much else to the car in the mean time, engine is half taken apart but not much more. Will try to get some photos up this weekend.

Time to post about my new hobby, cycling…