Rebuilding my old Commodore 64 setup

Back in the late eighties, I had a Commodore 64C, a 1541-II floppy drive, Okimate 20 colour printer, light pen, two joysticks, and most importantly, a COMAL80 cartridge. I’m obviously getting old, as I suddenly felt a desperation to get all this back.

I have bought a COMAL80 cartridge, a very rare item, which should be on the way, and the 1541-II I bought has just arrived, photo below. I have not dared power it up using the old power supply. I will get a modern power supply for it.

My new, old 1541-II

I’m bidding on a C64C and have to my surprise found several Okimate 20’s in the US but shipping costs are prohibitively expensive. I will keep you posted.