Pro-tect rust proofing services, Milton Keynes

After buying an almost new car (3 years old), we agreed that proper rust proofing was essential and from Dinitrol’s own website chose Pro-tect services in Milton Keynes, although it is actually by Buckingham.

It took three days to get done, but unfortunately after picking up the car from Protect services, we realised it had multiple sets of scratches such as from a zip. All hip height, short but deep.

Unfortunately Frankie from Pro-tect Services in Milton Keynes was not very accomodating. He said it wasn’t him, and went quiet when we sent him photos of the scratches. We certainly won’t be dealing with Frankie from Pro-tect Servcies in Milton Keynes again!

Would I recommend Pro-tect Services DInitrol rust proofing center in Milton Keynes to friends and family? NO!

Grazie Mille, Gozo

Back from a week in Gozo – Had a nice time apart from eating at Grazie Mille in Gharb. My salmon was completely over-cooked and the food was plain and boring. And it was the most expensive restaurant we went to!

Sally’s “Chef’s Special” was pasta covered in tuna-infused oil, and so boring she left half of it…

Would only recommend people to stay away from Grazie Mille. I have emailed them but they haven’t been able to explain the food we had.

Before the builders

Lots have been happening, not many updates. I will put photos up of our new kicthen and the new floor.

I’ve been out a couple of times with the Aylesbury Cycling Club, and have got a few events coming up: 10 mile time trial, Marlow Red Kite Ride 50 miles and The Howler 50 miles.


Marlow Red Kite ride – 50 miles

The Marlow Red Kite ride was great, but I ran out of energy after 30 miles *again*. The last 5 miles were hell! 🙁

I’ve just tried to but a photo of me cycling during the ride from Sportive Photos but their mail server is set-up wrong and retries 3 times in two minutes on soft-fail and then gives up, so still don’t have the photo. Will post it up when I eventually get it.

I’m doing another 50 mile sportive, the Haddenham Howler, next weekend. Feeling a bit drained already.

I had a bike fitting done at Buckingham Bikes in Aylesbury before the Red Kite ride, which was money well spent. Felt much better afterwards. And I have now fitted by aero bars, need to get used to them, I think.