Pro-tect rust proofing services, Milton Keynes

After buying an almost new car (3 years old), we agreed that proper rust proofing was essential and from Dinitrol’s own website chose Pro-tect services in Milton Keynes, although it is actually by Buckingham.

It took three days to get done, but unfortunately after picking up the car from Protect services, we realised it had multiple sets of scratches such as from a zip. All hip height, short but deep.

Unfortunately Frankie from Pro-tect Services in Milton Keynes was not very accomodating. He said it wasn’t him, and went quiet when we sent him photos of the scratches. We certainly won’t be dealing with Frankie from Pro-tect Servcies in Milton Keynes again!

Would I recommend Pro-tect Services DInitrol rust proofing center in Milton Keynes to friends and family? NO!

Things arriving


Heads arrived, beatiful! Bench seat is in transit, black vinyl, and a full UMI suspension kit is being delivered tomorrow! Awesome 🙂

Have not done much else to the car in the mean time, engine is half taken apart but not much more. Will try to get some photos up this weekend.

Time to post about my new hobby, cycling…